style: 53tyle - Korean Geometric Long Opal Fringed Pearl Flower Earrings

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Product information:

Material: copper plated real gold + s925 silver needle
Style: Korean style/Korean style
Style: Women's
Modeling: Variety
Applicable gift-giving occasions: weddings, birthdays, travel commemorations, festivals, housewarming, trade fairs, advertising promotions, employee benefits, anniversary celebrations, business gifts, opening ceremonies, awards commemoratives, public relations planning
Packaging: Individually packed
Inlaid material: not inlaid
Color: 1# three opal earrings (real gold electroplating), 2# geometric earrings (real gold electroplating), 3# head earrings (real gold electroplating), 4# opal bow pearls (real gold electroplating) ,5# Spiral opal earrings (real gold electroplating), 6# opal grape clusters (real gold electroplating), 7# bowknot opal earrings (real gold electroplating), 8# double diamond earrings (real gold electroplating) ), 9# Micro-inlaid four-leaf flower (real gold plating), 10# zircon water drop opal ear hook (real gold plating), 11# opal flower tassel ear line (real gold plating), 12# zircon opal Oval (real gold plating), 13# chain flower earrings (real gold plating), 14# two wearing pearl tassels (real gold plating), 15# opal diamond earrings (real gold plating), 16# lightning zircon tassels (True gold plating), 17# knotted micro-inlaid opal (real gold plating), 18# zircon hollow four-leaf flower (real gold plating), 19# micro-inlaid opal earrings (real gold plating), 20# Two wearing cross zircon (real gold plating), 21# micro-inlaid metal big earrings (real gold plating), 22# rice bead chain earrings (real gold plating), 23# opal earrings (real gold plating), 24# Micro-inlaid triangle (real gold electroplating), 25# bow hanging zircon (real gold electroplating), 26# opal flower pearl (real gold electroplating), 27# zircon geometric diamond ear hook (real gold electroplating), 28 # 29# water drop pearl ear hooks (real gold plating), 30# cat's eye flower ear buckles (real gold plating), 31# zircon geometric square ear buckles (real gold plating), 32# Bowknot two wearing tassels (real gold plating), 33# diamond-shaped zircon tassels (real gold plating), 34# micro-inlaid drop earrings (real gold plating), 35# metal opal (real gold plating), 36# Zircon bow crystal ear hooks (real gold plating), 37# zircon diamond pearls (real gold plating), 38# diamond opal earrings (real gold plating), 39# chain tassel earrings (real gold plating), 40 #  Earrings (real gold electroplating), 41# zircon fan-shaped earrings (real gold electroplating), 42# bow tie with two pearls (real gold electroplating), 43# micro-inlaid star and moon earrings (real gold electroplating) ,44# V-shaped front and rear two wear (real gold plating), 45# zircon cherry earrings (real gold plating), 46# water drop opal ear hooks (real gold plating), 47# grid zircon diamond earrings ( Real gold electroplating),

Packing list:


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