Cotton gauze blanket baby blanket muslin cotton quilt quilt newborn gauze bag towel

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Product condition: New

*Single weight: 180G or so 

 * Product size: 120 * 120cm. Online price is a single price! 

 * Affirmation: Combed cotton with 21*32 large grid. Please see the website map for the printed map. Mind please take caution. If you are not satisfied with any quality problems, you can return the goods, the buyer bears the freight! 

 *The product passes the water washing process.

Style Korean elephant (non-AA standard), Korean whale (non-AA standard), sports meeting, bird (no fluorescence), colored stripes, blue monkey (no fluorescence), balloon elephant (no fluorescence), Kitty kitten ( No fluorescence), lake blue stars, lemon big flower, goldfish, frog, dragonfly, giraffe (no fluorescence) 1, purple deer (no fluorescence) 1)

 Dimensions 120*120CM

CJ will deal with incorrect or missing products as follows:a. For incorrect products, CJ offers a full refund or replacement.b. For products with wrong color, size which doesn't affect product function, etc., CJ offers refund or resend if you provide the screenshot of your clients' complaint which including name, content and date.c. For parts missing which doesn't affect product function, CJ may refund partially or resend the missing part; for parts missing which affect product function, CJ will resend the product only.d. For accessories, CJ will resend the accessories.Products can be returned to CJ China warehouses only. But we do not suggest returning products to our warehouses, because the international shipping cost is high and it takes at least 3 months to arrive at CJ China Warehouse. Most of them will be lost during the return. Also, most of the returned products will be damaged on the way.a. If you indeed want your buyer to return the products, please contact Wholesale2B for the same.b. Please return products within 10 days after receiving products.

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